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Infographic Friday: Grow your business

Today we got inspired by infographics that are all about growing your business and getting you to the point of success!

Grow your business thought content marketing –



Grow your business with the power of Pinterest –


What good is having a business if you have nothing to share with people to let them know what you are all about? – Source Unknown 



These three infographics highlight 3 important aspects to incorporate when starting a business – an effective business card, clever and frequent content marketing, and using social media platforms, such as Pinterest, to get your business some exposure.

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5 Facebook tips for your business page

Managing your Facebook business page is very different to “managing” your personal profile. Here are 5 tips that you need to keep in mind when posting as a business, and a few other practical tips that you might overlook.

1. Check your page URL

When you are on your business’s Facebook page, have a look at your Facebook URL…



If you have the wrong URL, people will find it very difficult to find you – how can you change your URL? Check in the image below: See the “Facebook Web Address” section…

Bus FB URL Blog Image

2. Check your spelling when making posts and commenting

It might be ok to make the occasional spelling and grammatical error on your personal profile, but when it comes to your business page, you need become a bit of a spelling nerd. Bad grammar and spelling does not reflect well on your business and will annoy your followers.

3. Use web links and images with every post

It has been proven that people are more likely to “like” or “share” a post if there is an image or a web link attached – grab people’s attention with visuals, not just words.

4. Respond to comments

If you ask a question (or even if you don’t) and a follower responds and comments in your post, please respond – they have taken the time to comment and interact with you and you should appreciate that with a response. NB: Press “reply” don’t just comment in the “comment section”

Bus FB Comment Blog Image

5. Don’t forget about your business’s Home Page

Just like your personal newsfeed, your business page will have one too (but not if you don’t “like” any other business pages) – all the news of the pages you follow will appear in the feed and this is a great way to connect with others, and initiate interactions (resulting in further exposure for your business page).

Bus FB Home Page Blog Image




For more information about Social Media Management and other Facebook tips you can check out this blog.

If you need help with your business’s Facebook page, have a look here at how we can help…


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Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site – 4 Things You Can Do

GUEST BLOG by Camille McClane

As you consider ways to increase traffic to your WordPress site, keep in mind that it’s not your traffic technique that’s going to win the war, but what you offer people in terms of service, content, products or resources that will do most of the work for you.

That being said, marketing and traffic-building techniques are tools in your hand, and you should know how to use them.

1. Searching Engine Optimization and Keyword Research

Using tools, like Google’s Keyword Planner, to find the most optimal keywords to include in your content can help you rank higher in Google’s search results.

It can take some time, but effective keyword research is an important step when you’re trying to figure out how to word the following:

·         Permanent URLS

·         Page Titles

·         Blog Post Titles

·         Page Descriptions

·         Paragraph Content

 2. Engage in Forums and Communities in Your Niche

One of the most effective ways to build a reputation and gain popularity within your niche is to be active and post on forums and communities of the same topic as your site. Including a link in your signature and bio on those sites will provide a doorway back to your page wherever you post, which can bring in a lot of enthusiastic and interested people.

3. Guest Blogging

Even if your site isn’t strictly a blog, you can still write content for other people’s sites and send it out as a guest post.

However, you do need to be careful with this tactic as low-quality guest content marketing doesn’t put you in great standing with Google.

4. Offering Something Substantive

Above all, if you want any kind of sustainable traffic, make sure that you offer something substantive on your site that people will want to visit and utilize, or the traffic you build will be temporary at best.

What can deter traffic?

Generally speaking, avoiding low-quality guest posts and black-hat SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing and hidden texts, is the best way to avoid harming your site. If you do that while providing content that’s of a high quality and worth people’s time, traffic will come.

Camille McClane is a freelance writer and online entrepreneur in the Los Angeles area. As a writer for BlogWranglers, she is able to share her knowledge on all things WordPress, and enjoys offering tips to fellow guest bloggers so that they too can increase their online exposure.

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The results of the Creative Cape Town Survey 2013

Creative Cape Town recently did a survey, completed by creatives, and when we read through the results, a few patterns emerged. Firstly, we realised what a large industry we are part of, and secondly, we noticed that there was a great need for support when it comes to starting your own business, networking opportunities, and further education.

Here are some of the result we found most interesting:

CCT - start business
We love this result because we believe that the more entrepreneurs we have in the world, the more the world will begin to change. Having your own business means doing what you love, what you are good at and what you enjoy, which in return means that there will be a lot more happy people around, and wouldn’t that be wonderful!?

CCT - sectors
Where do you fit in? We were surprised by this result – in our experience, we thought that the design sector was over saturated. It is a great insight into what careers are “trending” – could this be related to what services are in demand?

CCT - Netowrking events
Are you an events company? Do you own a stunning venue? Are you an entrepreneur that wants to meet new people and connect with other businesses? Take note of this result and maybe start planning some networking events.

CCT - Learn about events
If you are advertising events, you should keep this result in mind – Looks like the majority of people find out about events on Facebook and word of mouth – this is not to say that print advertising is not effective, but it proves again how valuable social media can be for your business.

CCT - Info needed
Knowing what kind of information creatives are looking for can help you in terms of what content you should share on your social media accounts and your blogs – for both SEO and marketing reasons, maybe consider writing more about events, marketing, and business education.

Below are three more Creative Cape Town survey results that grabbed our attention:

CCT - Ages

CCT - Events to attendCCT - Funding






For the full survey, just click here.

Let us know what you think of this year’s Creative Cape Town survey by commenting below – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Why we love Pinterest…

Pinterest Blog Image6

Since we started our Pinterest page, we have found it very hard not to go onto Pinterest every day, and once we get going, it’s very difficult to stop. Pinterest is a platform where you can inspire others, be inspired, share your creativity, and connect with other like-minded people and businesses – we love it!

Here are a few examples of how we make use of Pinterest and what some of our boards consist of:

1. Design Inspiration

Pinterest Blog Image5

Our Graphic Design Inspiration board is filled with designs that we admire, that fuel our creativity, and it also gives us an opportunity to share those designs with others.This board focuses mainly on innovative design – we have another board that focuses more on creative/arty design. Seeing the type of graphic design images that are being created around the world opens our eyes to what is possible and inspires us to stretch our creative talents too.

2. Our Creative Work

Pinterest Blog Image3

Here we share our own graphic design images, which we have created for our various social media platforms – not only does Pinterest give us a platform to share these images, but they are also all linked back to our website, which serves an important SEO function.

3. Informative Infographics

Pinterest Blog Image4

Infographics are everywhere on Pinterest and we love to discover new and exciting infographics, which relate to our business and our services – we share not only what we find interesting, but we also share what we think our followers will enjoy too.

3. Logos, logos, logos!

Pinterest Blog Image2

We are obsessed with finding innovative, cutting-edge, original, creative and clever logo designs. Our Logo Lovin’ board is a selection of some of the best logo designs we have come across – these inspire us to step out of the norm when designing logos for our clients and it is a reminder that originality and creativity is crucial when it comes to a company’s identity.

4. Looking back

Pinterest Blog Image1

Graphic Design of Yesteryear is dedicated to wonderful graphic design images from the past – we love these because it is great to see how far design has come, but it is also interesting to see the type of design that was popular way back then – we have also noticed how some of these design styles are making a comeback too, especially in terms of typography.

Our other boards include Web Design Inspiration, Inspiring Branding, Words That Inspire Us, Terrific Typography and Fantastic Fonts, Social Media Info, Thought Provoking Images, Creative Arty Design, and Brands in Full Bloom by Darvl Feril.

We would love to see what inspires you and your business, so find us here and we’ll follow you too! Happy Pinning!

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7 Tips for Effective Social Media Posts

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram you can use the following tips to improve your posts. These platforms are not just for sharing information, but rather for sharing information effectively. If you are on these platforms daily,  you should begin to notice what constitutes as an effective post and what is an ineffective post.

What is a post? The definition will depend on the platform you are using, but basically, a post is the information you choose to share with your followers – it might be an image, a photograph, an article, a comment, an update or a quote. These 7 tips for effective social media posts will change the way you see your “sharing” and increase the amount of people who interact with you, share your posts and follow your profiles.

Posts Tips Blog1

Sharing information that can assist others in improving their business, their lives, their relationships, or anything else, shows a willingness help. Be an individual or business that is caring and generous – if you found something helpful, share it – if you know your followers will benefit from a certain article, share it – everyone appreciates good advice, so use this to your advantage.

Posts Tips Blog2

Sharing interesting facts is a sure way to get attention – NOTE the word “interesting” – think whether the fact you are sharing might just be interesting to you or whether it will appeal to your followers as well – what will they get out of it? If the answer is “nothing”, then maybe just share it with a family member instead.

Posts Tips Blog3

When you share content from other sources (other than yourself) you say two things: 1 – You are showing support for your peers and 2 – you are giving your audience a fresh outlook on your industry or business. The content you share shouldn’t be just “me, me, me” – every now and again let the attention shine on someone else’s work.

Posts Tips Blog4

Yes, questions can get your followers to interact with you and it is a great way to get feedback, but there is such a thing as asking too many questions. It can become monotonous and predictable – keeping these 7 tips in mind should ensure that your posts stay innovative and unpredictable.

Posts Tips Blog5

What does it mean to inspire action? Firstly, it refers to getting people to share, like or comment on your posts and secondly, it could refer to something much greater. For example, maybe you are raising funds for a charity or maybe you are organising an event – whatever the action is that you wish to inspire, use effective content AND images to get the results you want.

Posts Tips Blog6

Using images from Google Images is alright every now and then, but if you really want to use images to your advantage, then create original images (with your logo on the image). Two things will happen if you do this: 1 – If the image is shared, so is your brand and 2 – The public appreciates originality and using images from Google (where many get their images from) will not inspire the action or attention you need – tailor-make your images to support your written post and get your brand out there!

Posts Tips Blog7

The final tip for effective social media posting is all about timing – when it comes to sharing information on social media platforms, timing really is everything. We don’t believe that there is a hard and fast rule about what time is the best time to post – experiment with different times and see the out come, but also be prepared to shake up your routine if you sense a change.


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Social Media for Business

One of the services we offer is Social Media Management, so we thought we should share some of our insights with you.

Firstly, it is NOT about posting a few things randomly throughout the day. No, an educated monkey could NOT do this job (no offense to monkeys, we are huge fans), and no, it does not take us a few minutes a day to manage it all.

Why would you, as a business, need someone to handle your social media accounts?

1. Lack of time
2. Lack of expertise
3. Lack of understanding

Taking the above into consideration, take a look below and see what you should be achieving on social media platforms (daily, not weekly)…

What can a social media platform be used as for?

1.   A customer service tool
2.   A data capturing tool
3.   A means of interacting directly with your target market
4.   Sharing information directly to potential and current customers and clients
5.   Building a relationship with other businesses
6.   Staying top of mind
7.   Increasing your Google ranking
8.   Directing traffic to your website
9.   Sharing promotions and competitions
10. Coming across as a business that is current, available, accessible, and                          interesting
11. A market research tool – see what you competitors are up to and what your target       market likes

We have now reached a point in our society where you can no longer sit back and say, “Facebook and Twitter are just not how I roll”. By all means, be an individual, but in today’s society you kind of need to roll with everyone else when it comes to marketing, and right now everyone is rolling on social media platforms.

Like it or not, get it or don’t get it – your business needs to be where the people are. It’s not about following trends; it’s about owning the trend and then using it to benefit YOUR business’s growth.Whether you can handle it yourself or you need someone to handle it for you, the time is now – there is not one reason why any business should not have a presence on the many social media platforms that are out there.

Forbes recently wrote an article, which highlights the importance of social media for businesses – you can take a look at it here.

To view our Social Media Management Package, click here – let us help you get with the times and get your business noticed AND remembered.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Running a Facebook Competition

For those of you that don’t know, running a competition on Facebook is not as simple as just posting an ad and getting everyone to “like” and “share” and follow your page in order to enter – this is actually a BIG no-no.

Here are some great links about how to run a Facebook competition properly, without getting into trouble with Zuckerberg himself:


In short, the basic thing that you need to avoid is:

Asking people to like or share your competition posts or to follow your page in order to enter the competition.

Rather use:

Facebook competition Apps to advertise your competition.

Business Facebook pages have been shut down for not complying with this rule – make sure that you are not next on their list – for more info on Facebook Competition Apps you can go to:

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Tweeting Tips

Entering the world of Twitter can be a daunting task – What do you share? How often should one Tweet? How do you get followers? Here are few tweeting tips we have found to be very valuable in having an effective Twitter account:

1. Share what you are doing right now
2. Share quotes
3. Promote yourself
4. Promote others
5. Retweet
6. Share your thoughts
7. Share your future plans
8. Ask questions (preferably ones that don’t require ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers)
9. Thank followers for following you
10. Support others
11. Share competitions/giveaways
12. Highlight what is special/unique about yourself and others
13. Share facts about yourself/your brand
14. Create anticipation/excitement
15. Share pictures/photos/videos
16. Welcome and support new Twitters
17. Share helpful information

Here are 17 tweeting tips, which can be turned into 17 tweets, which results in about 2 Tweets per hour (Tweeting from 8am to 5pm).

The most important thing to remember is that Tweeting is fun and the more fun you have the more effective your Tweeting will be. Share, care and be honest!

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