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Last night we attended the Adventures in a Feminine Dream World Exhibition at I Love My Laundry – the photographers involved were Claire Gunn PhotographyNatascha van Niekerk PhotographyMargherita Introna Photography, and MS Photography – we have been following Claire Gunn’s work on Facebook for a while and have been captivated by her magical creations.

Photography is now so much more than what’s been captured by the camera – besides the obvious photography talent that these women possess, their ability to convey magic, passion, life and pure beauty is inspiring to say the least. Claire Gunn describes this type of photography as Conceptual Portraiture  – “Photography that communicates an idea that any viewer can identify with or relate to without knowing the person in the image.”

What attracts us to this type of photography is the sense of wonder and magic that it creates – it is surreal, dreamy and fantastical, and highlights, to be honest, how life should be – it should be magical and memorable – it is an adventure that you only get to experience once.

Art, design, photography, poems, novels, all of these works are aimed to inspire (some more than others) and when something inspires you (as much as these photographs inspired us) something shifts in you and you are reminded once again of how fantastic(al) life really is.

Here’s a selection of our favourite photographs by Claire Gunn:

Here a few photos we took of the evening:

For more photos of the Adventures in a Feminine Dream World Exhibition, click here.

“The emotion that we all experience at some stage in our lives is represented in the artist’s own experience and that is translated into the image.” – Claire Gunn

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